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Picking Pecks of Peppers

Well, we finally decided to put the garden to bed.  We pulled up all the plants and picked them clean. Now that is a lot of peppers!!!   Rylin holding up his prize pepper Ryan cleaning off a chile pepper plant. Rylin holding up a sweet banana pepper plant Riley cleaning off a habanero pepper…
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Pressing Cider with a Smile

We started out the night getting our apples and getting all of the cider press tuned up.  This is a press that I have been working on for a few years now.  I modify a few items each year as I turn it into a "well oiled machine."  This first press what the best first…
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Let’s Get This Party Started

OK,.... Here is the first official post to Dunham Homestead Blessings.  I have never been a very good writer, as evident by my shorter than usual stay at The United States Military Academy (West Point).  Cow (junior) English and I did not get along very well, but here I am in Ohio 12 years later…
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