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Dunham Kids Get Their HoneyBees

Today we made the trip to get some Honeybee NUCs for a couple of our children.  Leaving our home at 3:45 am, we arrived at our destination around 6 am.  Riley and Daisy both bought a NUC for themselves.  I am very proud of their decision to take a risk on honeybees.  They paid for the bees…
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Homemade 12 Frame Honey Extractor

This has been a long time coming.  I started out in a 55 gallon drum as a two frame spinner.  As you would guess, moving from a 2 frame to a 12 frame cuts down on a lot of time.  There have been a few issues along the way, but this extractor worked great. Here…
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Let’s Get This Party Started

OK,.... Here is the first official post to Dunham Homestead Blessings.  I have never been a very good writer, as evident by my shorter than usual stay at The United States Military Academy (West Point).  Cow (junior) English and I did not get along very well, but here I am in Ohio 12 years later…
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