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Rabbit Feeder / Litter Box

Here is another Dunham Homestead Creation.  A special request from a friend, but we can make them for you too!!!  You are able to feed your rabbit hay in the hay feeder while they take care of necessary business.  These can be shipped wherever you need them.  The cost of the feeder/litter box is $39.00…
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Maple Sap to Maple Syrup Conversion.

Most of the time when I am talking with people about pure maple syrup from maple sap, the question of how much sap does it take comes up.  Then I tell them that it depends on the sugar content of the sap that the tree is dripping out, so I made the following chart.  This…
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Sap Season?

Half way through January I posted that sap season was coming soon.  I had no idea that we would start a lot later this year.  We just put our first taps in the trees today!  Hopefully we will still have a decent season with many sap runs.  I continue to be amazed at the process…
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Sap Season is Almost Here!!!

Well, it is almost that time of year again where we can sneak a little sap out of the maple trees while they refill with carbohydrates to start leaf production.  We are excited about sap season at the Dunham Homestead because we use the sweetener a lot.  We love that it is all natural with…
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